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Who doesn’t like a nice crusty slice of bread for a meal? At Sow Vegan, we make everything from scratch, from the yeast to bread. So we know exactly what goes into your bread - no additives, no preservatives or any artificial ingredients. Our base ingredients will always only contain organic flour, salt and water, flavoring only with natural ingredients like vegetable, dried fruits, herbs and spices.


Sourdough bread is a bread made from natural occurring yeast and bacteria in flour. The making of sourdough bread takes a longer fermentation time, which is actually a good thing ! During this long fermentation time several things happen; first, this process would break down many of the gluten protein into amino acids, therefore making it easier for us to digest. second, since a lot of the phytates, an acid that binds to minerals in grains and prohibits absorption, will be broken down, more mineral and nutrients will be available for us to take in. Lastly, the long fermentation process alters the structure of starch in sourdough bread, as a result the starch would be digested and assimilated into the body more slowly, hence showing a less pronounced response in glucose and insulin. Making it a good choice for those who are managing their blood glucose level. 



Original Sourdough Bread


Cocoa Raisin Pumpkin Seed Sourdough (400-500g)


Turmeric Sun-dried Tomato Sourdough (400-500g)

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