Sow Vegan

The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man
— Charles Darwin

Here at Sow vegan food, we aim to provide the best snacking experience for you

We love what we do ! Thats why we go around to source the best ingredients in town and with our creativity in creating the best vegan snacks in hong kong. Our variety of homemade snacks are all preservative and additive free, organic and vegan when possible and most importantly, its all vegan with gluten free and raw options available. 



A proper vegan diet includes fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and fungus, can provide enough nutrients including iron and protein. The way of eating can help mitigate some of the modern worlds' biggest health issues like obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, other health benefits include: boosting energy levels, better skin and most important you will feel and look beautiful inside out ! 

Besides the health benefits, we are doing a huge part for the environment when we start reducing the consumption of animal products. For example, we can reduce CO2 pollution by reducing mass animal production, as mass animal production contributes more pollution to the environment then cars, airplanes etc. 



Sow Vegan is a vegan private dining studio, serving home cooked style vegan meals. We focus on using seasonal and fresh produce in our menu. 

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